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Question Xenon headlamp auto-leveling wiring diagram/pinouts

I have recently acquired some OEM Xenon Headlamps, and plan on installing them in my 2001 SLK320 Sport. They are in fact "plug-n-play" as far as powering them up.... however, any vehicle that did not come from the factory with the K4 package does not have the 4-pin connector as part of the wiring harness for the auto-leveling motor.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting my hands on the electrical wiring diagrams/schematics for a vehicle with the K4 package?

I need to know what the connectivity is between the 4-pin connector for the auto-leveling motor on the headlamp assy, and where it ties into the computer's wiring harness(es) (as it adjusts the motor based on other sensors in the vehicle).

Thanks in advance!
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