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Randall Grubbs
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I just did mine earlier this year at around 110K miles or so. $335 or so at wholesale from the local dealer and the work is not difficult.

Mine looked OK and the car ran great but the insulation on individual wires inside the harness was shot and you could see bare wires in many places. If you never move the harness it may last a while but if its ever moved for some other repair watch out!

The hardest part of the install for me was getting the plastic thing that goes around the wire bundle where it goes through the firewall (between the engine and electronics) back in place. I broke the original one at the hinge and had to order a new one. I'd give myself a Saturday afternoon to get it all done. Depending on your mileage, you might want to visit breather hoses, vac lines, MAF gasket and any other plastic/rubber bits since you're already in there.

'94 E500
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