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OVP Relays -- Which Ones Are Faulty? Part #'s...

Hi. Can anyone tell me which particular OVP relays -- the part number and country of manufacture -- are known to be faulty? I have a '91 300E and I was told by one general tech (not MB tech) that the OVP I have appears fine. But I know that posters on this board frequently cite bad OVRs and also the announcement from MB in 2001 about faulty OVRs, and I want to make sure my OVP relay is okay/will continue to be okay. What I need is the faulty part numbers and countries of origin. Thanks in advance.

As a related aside, a few years ago, this board helped me replace a bad fuse on the OVP relay. A variety of problems absolutely stopped when the fuse was replaced. Then, last spring, the car began acting up again as far as some hard starting after it is driven only for a mile or two in warm weather (it only happens from April - September; and it only happens when I try to start it after having shut it off the first time, i.e., the rest of the day it is fine! Is that odd?). Here it is spring again, and the car is doing the same thing!
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