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Re: Yes you can


I removed the resistor to increase advance, but you should be able to find or rig one up to retard.
Thanks for the link! I found the resistor on my '88. It's inboard of the battery - taped up as you say - and tie wrapped to a slot on the inboard plastic panel. The battery has to come out to get to it - no big deal.

The link says that a zero ohm resistor will provide 12 degrees of retard, which is six degrees more than OEM for US models, and no resistor is full timing. My question is: Does changing the resistance value affect base (idle) timing, or does it only effect timing at higher engine speeds?

JDUB - Yours is a different method. Are we talking apples and oranges? My EZL unit has two harnesses connected at the bottom of the assembly with round rubber connector housings about an inch high. Are these what you are referring to? The brake lines to the ABS modulator run right above them, so they might be tough to remove without unbolting the EZL unit and moving it to get some clearance.

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