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The A/C unit, which had been working great, all of the sudden quit. No blower, no compressor engage no nothing. The older factory A/C's were integrated under the dash, similar to the dealer installed models, with two knobs, one for fan speed the other for temp. Checked all fuses, replaced the #5 for good measure, since one of the items it is dedicated to is "valve unit and compressed air" (but I'm betting that is for 300's). Still no go.

Is there another fuse, perhaps under the hood for the A/C unit? Could it be that the on/off speed control switch has gone south? I did pull the access plate from under the dash, and can see the backside of the switch. It appears to have a fairly large ceramic body, with the wiring attached with screws/small bolts. I will be attempting to remove the switch in the next day or two to try and check for continuity (or lack of) in all positions. Any Ideas?

I did fail to mentions that once earlier last week, the A/C shut down as I backed out of the garage, and simply cycling the unit on/off got it working again. But that doesn't work now.


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