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I can't seem to find where this came from, i have been looking under the car, and I dont see anything missing. Actually I dont see another bushing that looks the same as this one. I did however notice that the sway bar bushings are dried up and cracking. I guess at this point I would have to conclude that this piece does not belong to my vehicle??

In regards to the sway bar bushings, is that as straight forward as it looks to replace.

1. Remove 2 bolts per bushing location, for a total of 8 bolts.
2. Remove sway bar and slide off bushings.
3. Slide on new bushings.
4. Replace sway bar and attach 8 bolts.

And does the sway bar have any tension on it that I should be aware of, or will it just fall off once the bolts are undone?

Thanks a lot everyone!!
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