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Three other things you may want to consider. First, order a pair of the 'Headlight Mounting Kits' from Fastlane under the 'body electrical' catagory. They are only $5 each, and include new speed clips and screws, and a new plastic knurled nob for the top. You can re-use the old hardware, but I found the lower speed clips were corroded, and the knurled nobs on the top were brittle with heat/age and cracked off during removal.

Second, consider adding the headlight level adjustment panel and kit at some point. Ebennz (Peter) has all the part numbers for the authentic European panel and tubing that lets you raise and lower the aim point of the headlights from the dash while driving. I use it when I carry things in the trunk with 4 passengers in the car, or when I need a little more light down the road, but not as much as the high beams or driving lights. This can be added at any time after the Euro lights are installed.

Finally, click here to go to a site that describes how to aim the new headlights. And when you go to install them, I can send you details from the MBUSA STAR magazine article on installing Euro lights.

You will love the look, and you will be amazed at the difference in light output from the same wattage bulbs as you ran with the US lights!

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