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I can't point you in a direction, but if it cold starts and runs okay for a few minutes, I don't think you need to spend $600 for "injector cleaning".

If you store your car during the winter, change the oil just prior to storage and charge the battery monthly or leave a battery tender on it. Starting a car to "warm it up" during winter storage is harmful. Many studies have documented that about 80 percent of engine wear over the life of a typical automobile engine occurs during cold start and warmup, so don't start it unless you want to drive it. The engine will have more than enough oil in the bearings and elsewhere to provide normal boundary lubrication during cranking and until the pressure comes up.

The clock does not run on fresh oil in the crankcase during winter, so you can drive it the full time or mileage interval after it's been returned to service, and doing this pre-storage oil change is very important as dirty oil during storage can cause corrosion damage.

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