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Like I said, I can't steer you in a firm direction, but thought the injector cleaning was a crock. An injector problem would likely cause symptoms both cold and hot.

I'm still trying to figure out the mysteries of the KE fuel injection system - probably one of the most complex fuel systems ever built for an automobile engine. It's essentially a complete mechanical AND elecronic fuel injection system in one. The Germans leave no stone unturned!

Based on experience I have with some EFI systems I'd recommend you look at the KE engine temperature sensor. I don't have any specs for it, but maybe someone else does. I recall reading that it's an inverse coefficient thermistor - resistance decreases with increasing temperature, so you could check its behavior hot and cold, and if it's either open or shorted, it's probaby defective.

I have some experience with a rather esoteric Bendix EFI system where an engine temperature sensor failure will keep telling the ECU that the engine is cold, so it never goes off cold enrichment. Operation degrades as the engine warms, and hot restarts are difficult/impossible due to flooding.


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