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More info on the dreaded 'white haze'

OK, I did some digging and found this authoritative piece (sorry, I lost the source):
"Edge effects that can result from a combination of factors are known as edge blush, discoloration, and delamination. Edge blush is the whitish haze that will develop between the two lites of glass after prolonged and excessive exposure to water. Usually this is seen if the glass has not been properly stored prior to installation or if moisture is allowed to enter the glazing frame and proper weep systems are not provided. Edge blush is easily visible and consumes a larger area than most any other edge effect in laminated glass. The area affected will be altered depending upon environmental conditions and may appear to "vanish" during dry climate while re-appearing during times of high humidity. Edge blush usually can be traced to an edge origin or isolated in a location which the PVB has been exposed and can absorb moisture over time"
What the OP is referring to, then, is 'edge blush', which is likely moisture (effect is usually lower corners) creeping into the laminate adhesive (PVB), rather than delamination. If so, I wonder if there is a way to get the moisture out?
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