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One curious design feature I have noticed with MB cars since I bought my first one is the way the designers have built the coolant temperature indication system. It will, if working properly, read the actual coolant temperature at the cylinder head and can fluctuate quite substantially during the course of a drive. This can be a little disconcerting if you have just converted from say, a Japanese car that will warm up and then let the temp. needle sit at a 1/4 inch from cold irrespective of the actual temperature in the engine. The MB way actually gives a very accurate state of affairs in the radiator and is realistically a better way to monitor the system. If however, you are not used to this, there is a tendancy to worry somewhat . ." have I got a leak ? " " . .is it running too hot ? ", " Is this the normal temperature ? " and so on. If for your model of car, the needle runs in the range indicated in the handbook as normal, don't worry. Normal precautionary servicing and coolant level checking will keep the system in good shape. It can be a bit more of a concern for those of us living in year round high temperatures and driving expensive, quality cars with nice aluminium engines under the bonnet. Provided you keep an eye on your guage and learn to recognise your own cars characteristics, there really is no cause for concern,,,,

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