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The error code when my car was scanned was P0411, "secondary air injection system incorrect flow". That was the ONLY stored error and the CE light has come on 3 times in the past 3 months. I've done a search of the forum for the code. Does anyone have insight into this error code and the solution? Does this eliminate some of the "common" problems, i.e., sticky EGR Valve, plugged EGR tube, OVP, MAS, O2 sensor etc and/or bring some problem to the forefront? My mechanic said it could be the air pump for the system? I ask about the elimination of some of the other potential problems because it seems that there are specific error codes for the problems listed above and would be listed as the error(s) in the scan. Maybe logic doesn't always work with the infamous "CE light" error.

My observations:

Car is more difficult to start, i.e., takes that extra second to kick in. I notice all the gauge readings drop to rest (0) at the start (never noticed if that happened before, maybe more noticeable because it takes that extra second to start).

I hear what I believe is the auxilary air pump, the whirring noise, after startup which I believe is normal, but I also seem to hear it more often than before and after the engine has been run for a while and already warmed up.

Still getting the rougher idle and the occasional erratic idle even after the engine has been run for a while. From what I read does this might eliminate the EGR Valve and EGR tube because the engine is out of the cycle that involves the EGR valve and EGR tube?

Thanks for any input.

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