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Question jack/kit question (and lesson learned)

i just learned a valauable lesson, fortunatly at home.
a lesson im glad i didnt learn on the side of the road.

i am getting new tires (trying bridgestone turanzas) installed on my new 16" wheels in the next several days on my W202.

i got the W202 to replace my 300e which was totaled last summer. the C280 did not have a jack or tool kit on purchase, and i put the jack/kit from the 300e in the car then. i had not had reason to use the jack/kit until now.

i was going to test-fit the new wheels to the car before mounting the tires. removed jack/kit, broke lugs loose, and went to use the jack/kit to remove a wheel.

1st- the plug at the jacking point would not come out easily, in fact; couldnt get it out as i would have expected at all. finally pulled the biggest piece out with locking pliers, and had to punch the remainder out with a screwdriver. that leaves a portion of the plug inside the body channel. hope it does not rattle.

2nd- the insert portion of the jack is too big (diameter) for the hole in the W202. i notice that the jack is marked with a W210 #. it looks brand new, and i never had to use it on the 300e. looks like im in the market for a W202 jack ASAP.

3rd- this is a question: the lug wrench. it is jointed to fold, but extends only for use to loosen. im guessing that you get the extended handle to help break tight lugs, but MB thinks that you can tighten the lugs to proper torque with only the shorter length of the folded handle. is that the reason it only can be extended for the loosening operation?

lug wrench- i USUALLY carry a dedicated 1/2" drive socket (these lugs are 17mm) and a 18" breaker bar in my ride, but had not put together a better kit for this car yet. live and learn. :p

so my lesson learned is this...

1) make sure your jack/kit fits correctly (and is complete)
2) test plugs for easy removal with the tools in the car

i am SO glad i leaned this at home instead on the side on the road in the rain !!! i would have been REALLY pissed off, and unfortunatly, it would have been due to my own lack of attention.

PS- anyone have a W202 jack they can sell??? im sure the stealership price would be higher than i can imagine.

i will check phil's pricing/availability as soon as this posts.

thanks for listening, and i hope this may save someone else from roadside grief.

PSS- i will post some info on the 16" wheels and the turanza impressions as soon as a get them on and take a quick burn-in run to FL and back next week.

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