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I have an 89 190-E 2.6. I have a few things puzzling me. First of all, several months ago my economy meter decided to stop working. Ok so big deal, but it looks cool and makes me think more bout punching the gas =)
Second I recently was messin around under hood and noticed 2 vacuum hoses not plugged into anything and just sitting there. These two hoses are located near the firewall on right side right around the fuse box area. There is a green hose with an orange stripe coming from a grommet in firewall which was carelessly pulled open by the idiot that installed my aftermarket alarm. The other one is Orange with a green stripe coming from the left between the firewall and the other protective wall. I do not understand what they are for and don't see anywhere to plug them in, and if anyone could tell me anything about econo meter I would appreciate it. Thanks guys

Rob C
89 190E 2.6
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