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300e, miss in motor , but only occasionaly

hello all, I have a problem with my 300 e, on two accasions, the last to-night, the motor develops a miss at low revs, stationary at lights etc, feels like when you accelerate its is being starved of fuel and wont pull. Once higher revs are reached it seems to level out. It appears that it may only happen after it has warmed up and it has only happend twice before.
I have put injector cleaner through on first occasion hoping it would solve problem.

I have just started the car and gave it some revs and it all appears ok, but confidence in it has eroded some what.

Perhaps sombody out there has some explanation for this problem. To night the motor stalled completly but I was able to restart it and nurse it back home.

It has done 172 k and is in excellent condition through out, first sign of trouble with the car. All services done as required. thanks in advance.
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