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Cool Red Stuff comments

FWIW I ran 4th generation reds stuff in my 500E, and they seemed suitable for everyday driving. However, since I'd bought them for track use, track them I did. Well, they held up temp-wise (zero fade after a full, hard track day of 4 30 min. sessions) but were worn to nothing at the end of the day (Carolina Motorsports Park). 150 miles a set, max. Did the same thing to a second set on the next day, but since I only ran 3 sessions I had enough material to get home. But they DESTROYED my rotors-wore them right down thru the slots, which I'd had cut to min. thickness (meaning when the slots were gone, so were the rotors).

I've since run a set of Italian Rofren pads at Mid-Ohio, and the set I drove to the track with (about 650 miles) I ran both full days, then drove home on. Rotors look great, and almost unbelievably they took the abuse that is Mid-Ohio (anyone that's driven there knows what I mean).

If anyone wants a set of these things, let me know

I am running at The Glen Mon-Tue this coming week, and will run the Rofrens again. I'll report in.
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