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acc pedal parts

Hey folks, I was trying to figure out why my acc pedal has a little kink in it when I initially press the pedal. After inspecting the acc cable and other parts within the engine compartment I removed the under dash panel on the driver's side and took a look. The PO's mechanic should be taken out back... someone removed the psuedo o-ring that holds the white tube that the acc cable goes through. What this allows it the white tube that the cable goes through from the cabin to the engine compatrment to move slightly, resulting in my feeling an intitial weirdness when pressing the pedal. What should be in place is the white plastic tube which has a threaded side in the cabin and a large end on the engine side so that it can't slip through into the cabin side. On the cabin side there looks to have been (from manual and visual inspection) a large washer or nut of hard plastic or metal this missing washer is probably close to three inches in diameter which held the white piece tightly in place and was large enough in diameter to have prevented anything slipping the other way into the engine cabin. OK, here's my question, who can come up with an easier DIY idea for a fix: I thought an easy one would be to get a very small piece of foam insulation like you'd use on your hot water pipes in the basement, put it around the white piece on the cabin side and tighten it down with a pull tie effectively restaining the piece from moving. Can't find the part on fastlane. could go to a junk yard but... what other options are there?

1985 190e 2.3
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