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I have an 89 260E and just crossed 135,000 miles. Here's what has failed/needed replacement in the past two years:

Necessary Fixes:
Ignition coil
Motor Mounts
Brake Pads
Overvoltage relay
Fuel pump relay
Oxygen sensor
Tie Rods, Center Link, Steering Shock

Unnecessary/Cosmetic Changes:
Headlight Assemblies (Got Euros)
6 1/2 inch rear speakers (Car had NO bass!)

Problems I Have Not Fixed Yet:
Air in my freon
Engine leaks oil (but so what, all old things leak something.)

Get Z-Max oil/tranny/fuel additive kit. It actually works.

If the car shudders at idle, and if you are using 92+ octane fuel, switch to 89. Shuddering will stop or be greatly diminished, however, you may notice black smoke on very hard acceleration.

Eric Silver
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