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what socket do I need to....

Hi everyone

The car is a 85 190E 2.3 (w201), I'm trying to replace a halfshaft, but I can't find a tool to get the double collar hex nut off, at least I think tihs is what they call it. This is the nut that is sitting at the wheel, it also has a crimp lock. I read in the manual that it's supposed to be a 30mm, but a 30mm what exactly?

Second quesiton is, what is a good way to tighten it to the required force? manual states 270-320Nm, The rest I can do without a problem, I think at least, I just swapped my differential and noticed that one of these shafts is badly worn and was rebuilt already, I got a used one from a junk yard and want to replace it some time soon. I also think it is the reason why I hear this wha-wha-wha noise from the back when driving.

help is greatly appreciated.

1985 190E 2.3L - a constant project.
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