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ignition control module

I would just like to say thanks to all the members in this forum because this is such a great site. I was having problems with my climate control, Seems I was getting hot air then cold for no apparent reason. My car (85 380SE) has always performed sluggishly and I kind of felt this was the MB way for an old car. After a tune up last year and receiving much help from this site I settled for less than perfect. Then my climate control went crazy. which led me to the monovalve. Monovalve was ok. In cabin temperature control was suspect but turned out ok after blowing 18 years of dust out of it. My temperature gauge started to bounce all over the place from 80 to 120 at any speed or idle. I was led to the thermostat by a past post and somewhere in it they refered to the ignition control module. I went to check it but the car now wouldn't start. Replaced the coil with a spare and again no luck. So I replaced the ICM (had a spare also). Damm thing started right up. And guess what.? Climate control works perfectly and temperature gauge settles in at right above 80C. Only takes 2 sec for car to fire and OMG where did all this power come from? Aside from ignition spark and obvious cooling what else does that little $600 box control?

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