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Well since I own a Chrysler I will key in on this topic. I have a couple of storys, but to really know about Chryslers read this post. I personally think Chryslers are junk! I have a 1995 Chrysler Concorde 4dr with only 92K, very well maintained miles and it has several problems. Sure, it is probably better than a Kia, or Yugo, but for a $26,000 luxury car, I expect better reliability. I am happy to report that it has never left me stranded, but I rarely drive the car, as I have two other cars. I have probably only put about 3K miles on it, within the year I have owned it. I can say that for ride quality and luxury- they can easily compare with a Mercedes. I have this cars original window sticker and the sticker price was $25,995. I never liked Chryslers, but I originally bought the car to resell, as I got a really good deal on it. I got it well below trade-in. I only paid $1300 for it, but when I bought it, it needed the transmission rebuilt- yes- at only 90K at the time. I had to pay $850 for a professional rebuild. It still shifts oddly, but I was told this is normal for Chryslers. Build quality is fairly good however. The dash is made of high quality materials and the dash top is thickly padded. I do think that the center of the door panels are rather cheap made. I do like all of the features it has such as all power options, overhead console w/electronic compass and outside temperature, keyless entry, factory alarm, auto A/C, leather interior, power antenna, auto dimming mirrors, heated outside mirrors, traction control, dual airbags, and 4-wheel disc brakes w/anti-lock. The sheetmetal also seems to be very solid and not flimsey. Overall a good car and worth what I paid. Another negative is low resell. The car sold for $25,995 in 1995. In 1997 it was sold at a local new car dealership for $17,995 (according to paperwork in car). Then in 2002- I paid $1300. I have ALL and MANY of the service records with the car. Needless to say- it had several trips to the dealer for problems. I would not buy another Chrysler. I often see late model Chryslers and Dodges burning oil. My grandparents had a 1988 New Yorker. Anything that could break on the car broke. Engine, transmission, radiator, starter, water pump, etc, etc. Even with low, easy driven miles, with 2000 mile oil changes. I think they spent $10K+ on repairs on that car since 1990. Last summer they finally traded it in on a 1997 Buick LeSabre and has not had one problem with that car. In conclusion- I hope that Chryslers improve, rather than Mercedes going down. I can say that Chryslers have improved since the 1980s. I think the quality drastically improved in 1993-1994, when the "cab-forward" design was introduced.
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