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Ukevo, I have not checked the temp sensor yet.
The idle is only marginally rough and i have great acceleration. There is still an almost imperceptable stumble when first accelerating from stop, this is most obvious when cold and it will occasionally stall if it is cold with the eha disconnected. With eha connected the car will stall completely on acceleration everytime.

I can not do a duty cycle measurement as I just get a fixed reading.

Xp190, It was your thread that got me on to the potentiometer. I still needed to replace mine as it was worn out but I am now trying to figure out why I do not have a good electrical connection or closed loop.

Both xp190 and UKevo brought up the zero position on the aitflow. I have ignored this as I thought I would stumble all the time and would not run as well as is it does.

Steve my current is identical to what it was before. I will check the current with the o2 sensor disconnected

Robin99, Actually my cruise does work fine. keep me in t he loop if come across anything.
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