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A/C Question for LarryBible

I have used the search feature on here, but to no avail. I have a 1983 380 SEL that was converted to 134, and it no longer works.

There are 2 possible causes, one of which I know, the other I am hoping to find here:

1. Bad control cluster, but had that replaced in January (no heat sucks on a snowy day). A/C worked when I bought the car, in Sept. 02. Did not test to see if A/C worked afterwards myself. Was worried more about heat at the time :-).

2. Symptoms:
  • Low side pressure reading is 87-90 psi. Cant take high reading, dont have proper equipment (quick connect wont fit on high side).
  • Can turn compressor manually, but wont under power.
  • Was told by MB Specialist to 'short' the compressor leads on the tank on driver side (connector with pigtails). Did nothing.
  • Economy guage and Tach dip when A/C turned on, but just normal air.

My recharge kit says that 45psi is max for the 134 system. What could possibly be the problem?

Thanks LarryBible in advance (or others with solutions )
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