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You are not even close to any info that could be used to help with a diagnosis.

You ask the question as if you were going to figure this out. What you are really doing is throwing parts at it. The first thing you need to do is figure out whats missing. Do you know what is needed? This is the thought process you need to develope if you really wish to get a handle on this.

You need ignition, fuel, compression and timing. Fuel is easy. Take the air cleaner off and spray some starter fluid in the airhorn. Keep your face out of the way in case timing is your problem (a back fire will blow it right back at you). Too much fuel is also a possibility so be sure your plugs are dry to start. If fuel is the problem a little strter fluid should make the car at least act like it wants to start. With nothing else wrong the car will usually burst on with the fluid and die quickly.

The quality of ignition and fuel can be a problem so various forms of testing is necessary. Work on the fuel issue as it is the one you brought up.
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