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No offense, I am sure your daughter is a very responsible and nice girl but an SL may not be the best choice for a first car. I'm 17 and I would like to say that evan though I want a fast car I know I would probably hurt myself. Or get a lot of expensive tickets. Teenagers me and most of my friends included speed! Regardles of what they tell there parents. I know of a lot off people me included who go for top speed runs and do some crazy things. Fast cars are just trouble, if you get her an SL500 I would be willing to bet she would run it up to 155mph. Every one wants a fast cool sporty car but that is not always the best choice. (I can't believe I'm saying this!) Maybe an older diesel like a 300D or SD would be better. Or if she wants something smaller a 190E is a great car. I am not trying to preach but I don't think an SL would be right for a first car.
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