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My wife was driving on the highway all of a sudden the car cut off and we had to tow it home. Checked spark it was weak. Checked spark from the coil very strong.

spark on cap very weak coming from coil. Checked for fuel,
pump running
fuel upto fuel distributor , at that time fuel was also leaving from fuel distributor.

checked 3 spark plugs they were getting wet.
spark on plug looked very weak.

while checking for spark burned out the starter motor from cranking too many times.

At this point decided to change plugs, wires, rotor, and cap.

replaced starter motor, plugs , wires , cap and rotor. Still no start.

regaped the plugs from .035 to .033 and at the same time discoverd there was no fuel on the plugs on left 4 plugs and only two plugs on the right side were wet.

opened 4 out 8 lines coming out of the fuel distributor no fuel comes out while cranking although few days ago it did when I initially checked for spark.

fuel is going in the fuel distributor and coming out of one line that i think is going to cold start valve.

I was also checking the fuel pump relay by jumping it. Fuel pump stayed on and still no start but after this idle control valve does not shut off or rather it is making this humming sound while the ignition key is on and cuts off only when i take the opv relay out.

Should I take the fuel distributor out to see if its blocked?
What can I do next?
please help


looking for SL Convertible/240 D/300 TD
420 SEL 1986
300 D 1978
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