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Originally posted by Cap'n Carageous
And then tell us what fixed it!
Well.. After a last adjustment of the little hex-screw (fuel/air mix) it now runs perfect! CO was WAY down. -Couldn't even measure it on a CO-meter.

So the remedy is this..

Replace the following:

-The entire injection system.
-The cat.
-The ignition coil.
-ALL the vacuum hoses.
-All the ignition wires.
-The ingnition distributor and rotor.
-A handfull of relays.

-Pay the $3000 (on top of the $4000 you already spent on repairs the last year) and be happy the mechanic was able to use used parts. -otherwise it would have cost 3 times as much!

-Put this never ending money pit up for sale and never look at a Benz for the rest of your life..

Peace out..

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