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I own a 1986 300E with 192k mi. on it. On July 21st I put the car in the transmission shop to correct this problem. The mechanic told me I had a leaking front seal and a leak from the dipstick. He also said all of the outer seals were old(brittle)so he replaced them and supposedly fixed the leaks to the tune of $600.(I don't know sounds kind of high for outer seals, if you didn't have to take the tranny apart. I may be wrong). Lo and behold a month later(August 21st to be exact) you guest it the tranny sti
ll leaks. Returned the car to the shop. Mechanic states something must not have been tightened all the way. Waited exactly a week to get the car back. You guested it, still leaks. The mechanic states there must be inner seals that are bad(still where can the leak be coming from). Short of violence, does anyone have any ideas pertaining to the leak, where this fluid can be coming from? Help, before something major happens to the car or the mechanic!!!
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