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Your ma readings don't make any sense.

How many milliamps do you read with the key on engine off. Most cars should be 20ma, some are 10ma.

Before the readings can be interpreted they must mean something. If you can't get any of these numbers I suspect your technique.

Since I can't use your EHA current I would suggest to disconnect it. With it disconnected, any mixture under the sun can be hand taylored. Can the car be made to run right with manual mixture correction.. If not you are looking in the wrong area fooling with electric controls.

This should be the first test always. That is to see if basic mixture is the problem by manual adjustment with ALL electrical out of the picture by disconnecting the EHA. I see a lot of chasing one's tail on the issues.

Remember, the system can be adjusted to run just fine without the EHA connected so if you are sure its an electrical control problem thats the way to prove it. It should run great adjusted up.
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