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will listen

Ok , I will start listening.

I just put some fuel down the air intake still no start.

Took the fuel distributor off and cleaned the bottom piece, dont know what its called but it was kind of stuck. Sprayed some dw40 and moved it in and out it was moving well the spring inside was also ok. This piece I think controls the air intake flap.

Put the fuel distributor back and turned the key without connecting the 8 fuel lines to the injector on top of the fuel distributor. Still no fuel coming out of them.

Removed the OVP relay and cranked at this point it wanted to start and fuel also came out of all the 8 fuel lines that I did not close on top of the fuel distributor. Also when I disconnect the OVP relay continuous humming of idle control valve also stops.

I thought know it would start so I reconnected the lines on top of the fuel distributor, still no start.

Why is the idle control valve start to make noise as soon as the ignition key is turned? did I do something to make that happen?

Please advise...


looking for SL Convertible/240 D/300 TD
420 SEL 1986
300 D 1978
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