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Thanks for the solder it on advice

I have watched your posts and have appreciated the carefull advice you always give. I only wish I lived near to your shop so I could use your shop when I get in over my ability.

I arranged the O2 connectors lengths so that they both could be inside the car under the floor mat, where the MB factory connector was previously, even tho the Ford connector was an "O" ringed one which lived exposed to the elements in the Mustang. If I have any problems or doubts about the setup I will try your suggestion to "solder" the connections.

Daddiojiggy, I had read that the Ford (Bosch made) O2's would work correctly.... on this forum and on other forums as well. That's why I was thanking members here !! Saved me about $140.00 on this one tinkering. Advise also gave me the confidence to do my own transmission filter and fluid change and a water pump earlier... saved a bundle !
Incidentally the tran. fluid change ( to high mileage Valvoline Dextron ) has dramatically slowed an input seal leak to the point that I'll just drive it for the time being whereas I was ready to hire a rebuilt tran. put in... more saving realized.
Knowledge truly IS power.

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