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I totally agree, it is running fine right now I have driven the last 500 miles without the EHA connected for this reason. Without the electrics she is running fine just a little hard to start when cold. Gas mileage is down from 16 to 15 now, but not horrendous for a 560. The only time the car struggles is on cold starts and on acceleration right after the colds start after that she has been running great. However, I would like to get the electrics back. I agree my EHA readings are way off, that is why I posted the pictures to confirm that I did indeed do them correctly. So I know this is electrical and it is something that happened literally overnight about 2 months ago now. The car was adjusted by my local mech to its exhaust gases as we have no lambda, he threw an ovp and oxygen sensor at it still no luck, I have replaced the potentiometer and still no luck, am trying to do some more diagnosis before I throw more parts at it. It is indeed frustrating. I am going to try and figure out the zero tomorrow make sure it is good.
One other thing if I rich up the mixture it overcomes the stall on acceleration with the eha connected, but it is really running rich to do this. Exhaust gases where horendous when we tested it, it only does the stall when the exhaust gases where set to normal.

thanks again everyone for thier time.
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