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I think I found the problem. The plastic tubing connecting between the EGR valve and, I believe, the air pump was cracked in half under the plastic engine cover. The entire tubing was hard and brittle. For now, I had some rubber hose to reconnect the plastic tubing. I will probably replace the entire tubing when I get the chance.
I noticed that on the plastice tubing right next to the one I fixed that this type of rubber connection "fix" had been previously done. This must have been the dealer mechanics who had checked and fixed a previous CE light condition a couple of years ago. At that time they said they replaced the rubber connector and charged me over $100 bucks for the fix. I have ABSOLUTELY no problem paying them for their knowledge and skill for the fix, however, I'm a little peeved that they did not actually replace the plastic tubing that was actually the problem and would obviously crack in other places later instead of connecting the broken pieces together. Kind of half ass. That tubing and the tubing I fixed temporarily was VERY brittle (broke it a couple times trying to remove it) and obviously is affected by heat and time. Sorry, I'm done venting, moving on.

If this was the problem, will the CE light eventually go out by itself? I've read a post where someone said after a certain number of "drive cycles" without the error the CE light goes out. If true, what is a "drive cycle"? I wonder, because most of my trips are short and would they qualify to the computer as a "drive cycle"? I know I can disconnect the battery, but it would kind of nice if the car realizes by itself that the problem was corrected (affirmative confirmation).
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