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RE. POST: READ!!! Free HP for W201 & W124 owners!

I searched my 88' 2.3 for the resister in electrical tape but could not find it. Could somebody please view the photos below and let me know if you see this resister?

This is a resister that might increase power by either removing it or change the resistance vaule. The orginal post is located at with the title...READ!!! Free HP for W201 & W124 owners!\

The photos of my car are located at the url below, double click the small thumbnails to view a larger photos. I would really appreciate any help.
1996 E320
2000 C230 Kompressor
1988 190e 2.3 - 225K miles, owned for 7 years. I cannot say enough good things about this car. Very well built, even at 225 it ran like new.
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