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OK, we are going to try this listening thing one more time.

You put fuel into the motor and got no response. What did that tell us? It told us that fixing fuel won't fix our problem. you need to understand the thought process here.

You may have a fuel problem and if you keep working on it you will probably cause one. The point is if you you throw away the fuel pump and fuel distributer and place a little gas in the intake the car will try and run. If this isn't happening then your fuel problems can wait.

Find the reason why the motor won't work with fuel down the throat FIRST. Do you have compression?


The idle valve is powered when the key is on. Whether you can hear it or not doesn't matter to the problem at hand. It controls air intake at idle. It's function is easily by-passed by pressing the throttle. Tools help with diagnosis but there is absolutely no diagnosis without concept. If one thinks airflow into the motor is a problem, then the easiest diagnosis is to use ones brain to by-pass the concept. In the case of idle control openning the throttle makes short work of the concept (lack of air due to an idle air controlis keeping the engine from starting).

It is sometimes amazing the inter-relations and I can dream of senarios that would make my comments here really look stupid. Take for example: I am giving you a mechanism for evaluating the most basic need. Does the motor respond to manual application of fuel. I made it very simple because I see that knowledge of the systems are lacking. I took it upon myself to guess that you do not have an over fueling condition. it sounds like the system isn't getting any fuel by your own diagnosis. I gave a simple EXACT test. If you are wrong and thereis a way that fuel is pouring into the motor my test won't work. One senario would be a bad diaphram in the fuel pressure regulator. Another could be a leaking cold start injector. Both rather rare occurances, but that is what its all about; eliminating possibilities.

If you eliminate fuel, you have narrowed the possibilities significantly. We are not looking for a quantitative judgement on fuel, we are not looking at whether it does lambda control. The car don't start and it probably will do just fine when the one problem goes away.
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