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Geez...heated discussion

When you put "fuel in the intake" did you actually use starter fluid? You cannot just put gas in the intake you need the starter fluid. When using starter fluid, push the air meter arm down. Have someone sit in the car and crank the car and work the gas petal by pushing down a bit and releasing it. While the car is cranking, you spray short bursts of starter fluid in the car. Again, stevebfl is right, keep your face away incase the timing is off, unless you want a face covered in starter fluid Follow those steps exactly and then you will find out if it is a fuel problem.

I just want to make sure, you are positive that there is fuel in the car? I don't mean to make you sound stupid, but it is an easy mistake to make.

If the starter fluid doesn't work, but your still convinced your not getting gas, then remove the supply line off of the side of the fuel distributor. put it in a bucket or a jar so that there is something to catch the fuel. Crank the engine and look and see if there is any fuel coming out. If there isn't any, you have a bad fuel pump relay or fuel pump.

To check the relay, connect all the stuff above back together. Crawl under the back of the car to the fuel pump. Remove the wires to the fuel pump and hook them up to a voltmeter. Crank the engine and see if there is a signal on the voltmeter. If there is no signal, then your relay is bad. If there is a signal and you hook the fuel pump back up and crank the car and it doesn't make any noise, or vibrate when you put your hand on it, then the fuel pump is bad....

Thats a start. Goodluck!
George Carstens
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