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I took the line off one of the injectors and I dont have the allen key to take the injector off.
With the line off I had someone crank the engine and no gas comes out off the injector line.

when I pump the air meter flap gas rushes out off the line while we are cranking the engine.

Why does gas only comes out of the injector lines when the air meter flap is being pumped and not whet it is shut?

when I took the fuel distributor off their was a black round O rubber ring which was broken and fell off. I put the fuel distributor back without it. Awaiting for this ring from parts supply house.

The plunger was stuck so took it apart and sprayed wd 40. working fine and put it back.

looking for SL Convertible/240 D/300 TD
420 SEL 1986
300 D 1978
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