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follow up...

sorry for the sketchy info on my first car is a 1988 2.3. last summer it was a bit of a problem, it stalled every few weeks. as soon as the weather got cool it stopped. now that the warm weather is here again, it's back with a vengeance. stalling 10-12 times during the day. when the sun goes down it is much less of a problem. the problem seems to increase the longer i am on the road...

before it started stalling all the time, I noticed that the engine was racing very erratically. rising and falling in a very abrupt manner. it still does this when it is in stall mode...when i am at a red light it idles very erratically, shuddering, seems about to die, then speeds up again and then down again and then finally stalls. if i race the engine it seems to stay way up there, and then very gradually comes down again, only to start its erratic breathing all over again....

anyway, thanks so much for the advice and insight so far! I really appreciate the responses to my query. I've read all the post in this forum relating to stalling issues with the 190E, and think i've got certainly got a much better handle on what it might be.

i love the car and I really want to solve this problem. it's really spoiling our relationship!

will report back asap!
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