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Originally posted by ED C.
Thanks for the suggestions. The wagon has 167k on it. I replaced both the filter and the check valve in Feb. I have gone through the archives and read all I could on the rough idle subject (is there a 300E/TE out there w/o a rough idle?).

My situation is strictly on a cold start up. Fires right up but idles very rough for 2-5 seconds then smooths out. My guess is an injector is leaking down and flooding one cylinder. Injector cleaner does not help. Wires, plugs, rotor are all good/new.

Replacing the injectors seems to be the next logical step. Still would like to hear from one of the Techs. on the pressurizing issue.


Ed C.
Ed C.,

1. How is your fuel consumption?

2. Have you changed the injectors yet?

I have the same car as yours and the same cold start rough idle (1-2 seconds) problem too. My fuel consumption is down to 18 mpg from 21-23 mpg. Except for the rough cold-start and high fuel consumption, the car runs fine.

92 300 TE 115K miles
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