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1982 240D Non-Centering Steering, Dead Spot

My father has a '82 240D with 250K miles on it. He loves it. A little slow but...

The steering has the following characteristics:

1. Does not re-center after turning the steering wheel. Must help it along back to center.

2. Somewhat dead spot near the center of the steering.

3. Steering is not loose except for the vagueness at center and the dead center.

4. Going over bumps, undulations is fine. Suspension feels fine. Only problem, again, is the inaccuracy due to the dead center and lack of self-centering.

I don't detect a lack of power steering.

Could it be the steering dampers? Do they play a role in self centering the steering? Is the steering box responsible for the dead center? What is the most likely solution to bringing back the "spring-like" effect in the self centering?
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