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I used standard tools. A standard 3/8 inch universal wrapped with friction tape is what I used on the top inside bolt on the pump, but mine has been removed before so it wasn't seized. The special Snap-On flex would be good to have, but I didn't have one so that's that. The bottom inside bolt I removed by breaking loose with 3/8 inch drive with a 13mm socket, but you can't completely remove it because the socket will jam into the pump housing. Once I got it loose, I changed to a 1/4 inch drive 13 mm and it came out. I had already changed the allen screws in the front with regular bolts, so they were no problem. I removed the power steering pump, the belt tensioner, the radiator, fan and fan clutch. I used a new pump made by Myele( I think that's how you spell it) and it seemed to go back to together a LOT easier than it came apart. I don't know if the design was changed on the new pump or I just got lucky. I would not attempt this job without a 3/8 inch drive air rachet. A 1/4 in. drive one would be a big help, but I don't have one. The two other required tools are a service manual or CD and a LOT of patience. Cold beer and some good music are also essential!
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