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Randy L
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Unhappy Owner for just 30 minutes and this!!

I just purchased a '96 C220 from a bank (repo). Incredible showroom condition, only 74K miles and beneath the NADA book value. Couldn't pass it up. Well, I took delivery of it on Sunday, started the engine up (ran soooo smooth), checked all the lights, gauges, etc. then drove it 1 block to the gas station. I filled it up with regular unleaded and then drove it to the air/water station not 100 feet away.....and there it died!
It cranked very smoothly, and sometimes almost seemed like it wanted to "fire" but never did. I called the MB 24-hour hotline and the tech there ran me through some checks. I made sure the gas cap was secure, the starter shutoff relay was operational (green light on below the rear view mirror), and tried it in Neutral. Still cranked fine, but simply didn't start up.
After an hour of this, I had to get it towed to a repair now the repair garage has had it longer than I've owned it... Still not flipping my lid since I know that MB's are very dependable cars.
Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem so the repair shop doesn't try to snowball me and my pocketbook? Actually, the bank said they would help with the repair & towing cost.
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