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Only takes MBZ service 2 minutes to replace LEDs ('99 E430)

The odometer light just went out on my 99 E430. The dealer was going to charge $90 to replace, but kicked it down to $65 since I was a new customer (Beshoff Motors in San Jose) and I was coming in for a B-service.

In any case, when I picked up the car one of the LEDs must have been loose because the temp side was out. The Service Manager came out to look at it and decided to just fix it right there on the driveway. I was kind of shocked at how long it took him to remove the console and replace the loose LED. He had a coat hanger looking tool to remove the console. That took about 30 seconds. He replaced the loose LED...another 15 seconds. He had the dash back on in another 45 seconds. All in all it took him less than 2 minutes to do this! And they were charging me $65!

Well, the Service Advisor (who, BTW, was insisting the Service Manager take it back to the garage to change the LEDs) must have felt a little embarrassed, because he essentially just charged me for the bulbs, given replacing them took all but 2 minutes. Not sure if it was because I had to wait again, or the fact that I would be jaded by being charged $65 for a 2 minute service job. Note, my original invoice showed 5 bulbs @ $5.10/each and $42 for labor. He said he was knocking the labor costs for the B-Service to offset the $42 labor cost for the LED bulb replacement.

My B-Service and LED replacement cost $449.94, which is a great deal considering "just" a B-service at Claridge in Fremont, CA already costs over $500.
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