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Angry Can't Believe a 190e is More Difficult to Service Than a 944 Turbo

Hello all, I must apoligize in advance for the rant but I just cannot believe that a 190e can be more of a pain in the rear to service than my 944 Turbo. I have an 87 190e 2.6 and just tried ti change the serpentine belt. As you can guess I have been defeated tonight. I bought the fan clutch holder and the special 8mm hex tipped socket ( the Mercedes one not the Pep Boys special). Just the socket alone will barely fit between the radiator and the fan let alone the mini 3/8 drive breaker bar or socket wrench. I was hoping not to have to remove the radiator and front bumper on this car just to change a stupid belt...and it's not even a timing belt. Who designed this? Sorry for the rant but It takes less than fifteen minutes to change a serpentine belt on my VW...yes, I know it isn't of the same caliber of a Mercedes....but come on, this is rediculous. To have to remove a radiator and front bumper of a car just to change a serpentine belt??? Who ever designed/worked on this part of the car should be shot.
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