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Question '90 190e 2.6

my car also has bouncy idle don't really know how to describe other than, when at a stop light car warms up and engine starts like bumping a little here and their different pattern every 1-2 seconds. car doesn't do it's bouncing when driving or on highway only when warming up to regular temp. in the morning when warming up it's fine.

Replaced/done: fuel filter, oil filter, oil change, wires, plugs (distrib) looked good. ran 2 bottles techron threw (helped a little). RPM/oil pressure stays to norm, doesn't move up or down.
Check engine light does not turn on until 2 days ago, i got my mechanic to pull code/reset code 22? don't know what that calls for.

Cars adding a few more cranks for engine to turn on, doesn't seem like anything too pressing, but is it?

Any suggestions on what to check or do next would be great, I'm stumped - thanks!
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