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Exclamation Weird ASR problem!!

1996 SL500 Iam getting a very weird ASR problem. Sometimes, and it seems to be associated more with after I turn, the ASR on my car starts blinking and I get the throttle reduction. As long as I keep my foot on the gas, accelerate or not, the ASR light keeps blinking and the throttle stays down. I'm not sure if its when I take my foot off the gas, or if its when I put it on the brake, but then it stops blinking and mycar goes back to normal. It is very sporadic, maybe 1-2 times per week, so I dont think I want to spend the money at the mechanic until I can pin it down a bit more.

Keep in mind that the ASR light is not going on completely as in the "limp home" mode. It is blinking like the tires are slipping, but it keeps blinking and engaging while I have the gas pressed. I am most definitely not slipping as this has happened with me going at very very low speeds. I have held this blinking pattern by keeping my foot on the gas for a good 2-3 minutes.

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