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What is it you are asking? Or are you makeing a statement?

Originally posted by hihosilver
I smell the cat. converter smell when I shut it off, car is 86 300 e with 115000 miles, I just got the car a couple of months ago, its very different from my diesel in some ways. changed plugs wires dist cap and rotor, fuel filter, plugs looked real dirty with lots of build up, cap was pretty burned but milage did not change, getting 18 to 20 around town and road, also using a quart of oil every 3 tanks of gas, car only driven 1500 miles in the last year before I bought it
What's a cat smell like? Tuna? har,har

If ya mean a sulpher smell, thats not the cat, a cat is platinum, some palladium, both noble metals, which have no smell and rhodium, another metal.
Sulpher smell comes from crappy gas with high sulpher content, which will in time destroy the cat substrate.
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