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First of all, I called a locksmith before I knew what I know now.
After the locksmith tried for ten minutes or so, he called for help. The response from the other end was, "send him to the mercedes dealership".

I am pretty adept at performing tasks as long as I have an idea of what I am doing. That said, could you be a little more descriptive on what exactly needs to be cut in half.
From what I can see, after taking off the decorative "ring" around the ignition, is a 1 1/2 inch diameter cylinder incasing the ignition. I also can see how the cylinder is mated to a larger metallic base.

My question: What exactly am I supposed to saw off? More specifically, what should I avoid, as in, how deep should I saw before I know when to stop? Did you use a special technique, or just saw away until it fell off?

Thanks for the help. I am sure with a little coaching I can perform this task successfully.
(The first time I changed out an engine on one of my 16vs, I did it mostly by myself and received instruction on what to do via telephone--I'm assuming that since I completed that task successfully, I can do this too)

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