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Hi. Just a question regarding the spring assembly for the w124 suspension (89 300e). I have bought a set of eibach progressive lwering springs, and they have literally sat in my closet for 7 months, and its finally time to put them in. i just wanted to know if it's very difficult to put it in, compared to the suspension of japanese cars. my friends have a import performance shop and they have offered to do install the eibachs for me. however, i'm concerned if they are up to par to do it. they do have extensive experience with "souping" up cars, and their shop is a legitimate store front import performance shop. they have done literally dozens of civics, accords, 300 zx's, and even some corvettes...however, i've heard that the mercedes suspension is complicated. can i trust my spring installation to my experienced friends, given that their experience is only with japanese cars? thanks...

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