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92 300CE misfire in Dallas, TX

Hi everyone, I would appreciate any help. Bought a 92 300ce with 106k miles 3 weeks ago. Love its classic lines and drive. Previous owner once stationed in Kuwait, drove only 6k in past 2 years so car sat for months. Since 100k previous owner got new trans, distributor cap, rotor, radiator, trans oil cool line, thermostat, vaccum supply hoses, ignition wire set and coil, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc. etc. I had 2 new auxiliary fans installed last week.

Here's the problem. Engine sometimes misfires at low revs and at standstill. When accelerating, car hardly moves as if no fuel is fed then once past a certan rev around 2000rpm it goes smooth after a little jerk. Gets worse when a/c is on. Occassionally hard to start too. But when engine is cold like first thing in the morning, car starts, runs and drives terrific then problem comes on when temp goes to 80-100F. Also can feel very slight shaking when idling (as if sitting on a massage chair on low). Was told it needs new engine mount? Spark plugs on car now is Bosch F8DC4. Per MB dealer it is the right plug but manual says F9DCO. Need also reliable and honest MB mechanic in Dallas. Thanks a lot.
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